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History ATLANTIC Parkhotel

Live like Prince Bismarck, Tsar Alexander or Franz Liszt

The story of the ATLANTIC Parkhotel begins with the little guesthouse ‘Zum Rössel’ on today’s Leopoldsplatz, which was awarded the ‘Schildwirtschaftsgerechtigkeit’ (right to provide guests with accommodation and food) in 1748.

When Ignaz Stadelhofer married the ‘Rössel Wirtin’ (Rössel landlady) in 1830, they made big plans together. They sold the guesthouse and built a hotel complex at the top of the Lichtentaler Allee. The Stadelhofers caused a real stir with the opening of the imposing Englischer Hof luxury hotel in 1836.

The location of the newly built hotel proved extremely advantageous; guests passed by the magnificent building on foot, horseback or horse-drawn carriage. Within a few minutes from the hotel, one could reach the ‘Maison de Conversation’, the present-day Kurhaus spa resort and the casino. From the year 1843, it was possible to go for a stroll in the ‘Trinkhalle’ (drinking hall) with a glass of thermal water in your hand, marvel at the beautiful frescoes and note with great interest the newly arrived guests from the previous evening. Ten years after its opening in 1836, the ‘ENGLISCHER HOF’ was described as the most modern, largest and most elegant building for high society.

During the Belle Epoque, the ‘Englischer Hof’ was one of the grandest and most glamorous hotels in the city. An illustrious parade of high-ranking personalities, artists and the nobility from within Germany and abroad stayed here, including regular guests such as Prince Bismarck, Franz Liszt and many prominent people of their time. In 1863, the famous meeting of Kaisers took place here in the hotel between Franz Joseph of Austria, Alexander of Russia and Napoleon III of France.

After an eventful history, the hotelier Alfred Kötter acquired the main part of the ‘Englischer Hof’ in 1920. Under the name ‘ATLANTIC’, he once again made the hotel one of the leading places in Baden-Baden.